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Jan 31, 2013 6:00am PST
what's genuine and what's fake. police say common sense can often be the best defense. >>> many refugees arriving in japan are looking for sancuary but end up homeless. among them is a growing number of africans. so why is their almost to harsh? eisuke takahashi explains. >> reporter: this man says he arrived from nigeria in november. he applied to the justice ministry for refugee status. in nigeria, islamic extremists continue to terrorize and attack christians. he says they killed his father and younger brother, both christians. he also says he fled to japan because his life was in danger. he arrived in japan with about $500, but it lasted only a week. he has been homeless for nearly two months now. >> reporter: the first thing he ate in japan was a bowl of seasoned beef and rice. that was his last square meal. >> reporter: in japan, refugees cannot work for six months after applying for asylum. the government gives them $16 per day for living expenses and $440 per month for housing. but the number of applicants is rising, so it takes as long as three months to process the payments. on
Jan 28, 2013 6:00am PST
reviewing national defense. now he's taken time to pause and sum up his vision for the country. abe spoke before the diet for the first time since his liberal democratic party took power. the prime minister said the economy is his top priority. he noted deflation and the strong yen are shaking japanese people's belief that working hard will bring rewards. >> translator: i will restore a strong economy and unshakable determination. i will press ahead with my three areas of economic policy, bold monetary measures, a fiscal policy and a growth strategy that induces private investment. >> abe urged lawmakers to swiftly pass extra budget bills for the current fiscal year to pay for stimulus measures. he said his spending measures won't go on forever and that he aims to achieve healthy public finances. the prime minister then turned his attention to diplomacy and national security. he said japanese and u.s. leaders should strengthen their alliance to restore the tight bond their countries once enjoyed. he promised to take firm action own territorial disputes close to home. >> translator:
Jan 30, 2013 6:00am PST
world, seoul. >>> u.s. defense leaders are expanding their role in the region. they are establishing a presence in niger. pog press secretary george little says al qaeda poses a threat across the region. he says they have not worked out details yet but u.s. media have reported that niger's leaders have given permission for a u.s. drone base in the country. >> this is a very important agreement and working with them to find out precisely what kind of military presence we might have in niger in the future. >> flying toer shares a border with am jeer ya. 37 foreign workers were killed there earlier this month. niger borders mali, where french and other forces are fighting islamist insurgents. the rebels took advantage of a military coup last year to take control of large parts of northern mali. >>> people in another conflict zone are seeing more evidence of the cruelty of the war they've been enduring. the bodies of at least 65 men have been found in the northern syrian city of ahelp pope most of the victims were apparently shot in the head. opposition fighters and anti-government forces
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3